Booked & Busy : January Book Reveal

So let’s start off the year right, chile we? If you are apart of the BOOKED & BUSY BLACK GIRL BOOK CLUB then you know that we have had a great 2023 year, right? Well get ready to look forward to a 2024 year of acceleration and exceleration!

In the month of January, we are going to kickoff 2024 with the book…WOMAN EVOLVE Book paired with the NO WOMAN LEFT BEHIND Guided Journal that goes with the book!

Why the journal? The No Woman Left Behind Guided Journal is the perfect companion to Sarah Jakes Roberts’ bestselling book, Woman Evolve. Journal your way through prompts that help you understand how your fears and insecurities may be skewing your view on God, yourself, and others, and learn to take steps towards discovering your evolving purpose.

We ended the year reading HIGHER IS WAITING by Tyler Perry and it was well worth the read!!! As mentioned last month, we don’t usually pick religious material though some of our members felt that religion-related books that have a self-improvement basis to it’s center is something that they’d still want to read and didn’t feel it offended one another’s beliefs. So as we ended the old year with an inspirational self-improvement book…we decided to start the new year on that same tangent!!!

Here is the Amazon Link to purchase these books :




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