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Empowering the Future: The Queen Maker
An Initiative for Black Teenage Girls

In a world that often overlooks the dreams and struggles of marginalized communities, there is a beam of hope and empowerment cutting through the barriers faced by black teenage girls at risk. THE ALONA LEOINE FOUNDATION is an organization dedicated to uplifting and inspiring young ladies who are looking to step into their Queendom as they mature into adults. Young black girls are poised to shape our future, as well as young black boys, yet they find themselves hindered by systemic challenges and limited opportunities. My cousin’s organization, The Nathan Allan Foundation, will address the concerns for young black boys desiring to step into their Kingdom. Stay tuned.

A Vision of Potential and Strength

THE ALONA LEOINE FOUNDATION recognizes that within each girl lies the untapped potential that, when nurtured, can lead to transformative outcomes for both the individual and our society. My organization arises as a safe haven and guiding light for girls aiming to bridge the gap between their present circumstances and the boundless possibilities that the future holds. We want our young ladies to be able to go into the world with unlimited doors that are open to them without them even having to knock and hope access will be granted unto them.

Mission: Cultivating Self-Care, Self-Preservation, and Self Goals

The Mission of ALONA LEOINE FOUNDATION is tri-fold: empowering these young ladies through motivation, mentorship, and community outreach. By providing resources, support systems, and genuine opportunities for personal growth, my organization seeks to instill a sense of self-care, self-preservation, and self-goals within each girl we touch.

Programs Tailored to Foster Growth and Leadership

At the heart of our proactive approach, THE ALONA LEOINE FOUNDATION offers an array of tailored programs designed to equip young ladies with the tools needed to overcome adversities and excel. From feminity training and leadership training to financial literacy workshops and cultural enrichment activity sessions, my organization endeavors to construct a comprehensive foundation for success.

Education: Foundation for a Brighter Tomorrow

Understanding the pivotal role of education in transforming lives, THE ALONA LEOINE FOUNDATION makes academic support a core pillar of its mission. With resources and scholarship opportunities, the organization ensures that higher education becomes a reachable goal rather than a distant dream.

Mentorship: Connecting with Role Models

Mentorship stands at the heart of the THE ALONA LEOINE philosophy, connecting these young aspirants with inspirational figures who have navigated similar paths to success. Through one-on-one guidance, career advice, and life coaching, mentors instill resilience and ambition, proving that their goals are within reach.

Community Outreach: The Power of Collective Action

Beyond individual development, THE ALONA LEOINE FOUNDATION advocates for broader social change by engaging in community outreach. By voicing the concerns and celebrating the achievements of black teenage girls, the organization works to generate a cultural shift towards greater inclusion and equality.

A Voice for the Voiceless

Sometimes we have to be the voice for those who don’t have the outreach and resources to do so. THE ALONA LEOINE FOUNDATION not only speaks on behalf of at-risk black teenage girls but also empowers them to find and amplify their own voices. With each empowered girl who strides confidently into her future, the organization solidifies its role as a bastion of hope and a catalyst for change.

Join the Movement

The journey of THE ALONA LEOINE FOUNDATION is not a solitary one; it calls for allies, supporters, and advocates to join in the movement. Together, we can work towards a brighter, more equitable future where every young black girl can stand tall as a queen of her own destiny.

In embracing the cause of THE ALONA LEOINE FOUNDATION, we take irrevocable steps toward building a world where every girl has the resources, support, and belief to realize her fullest potential. It starts with one voice, one step, one inspired queen at a time.

Vision in Bloom: A Sisterhood Rising

I am the founder of THE ALONA LEOINE FOUNDATION, a community beacon created by and for at-risk black female teenagers. Our mission is a pledge to cultivate a nurturing ground where our dreams and ambitions are planted, watered, and encouraged to grow. We believe in the inherent strength and potential of every girl who joins us, knowing that within her lies the power to rise above adversity and flourish.

As young women on the cusp of adulthood, we are acutely aware of the systemic barriers that often cloud our paths. THE ALONA LEOINE FOUNDATION exists to dispel those shadows, to offer each other the light of knowledge, the warmth of community, and the nourishment of hope.

Our Creed: To Empower and Embrace

We vow to never let our circumstances define our destiny. Through educational support, mentorship, creative expression, and advocacy, we will create a sanctuary of opportunity and empowerment. Our programs are the tendrils that connect us, supporting our climb towards self-sufficiency, leadership, and advocacy.

In unity, there is strength, and through THE ALONA LEOINE FOUNDATION, we commit to lifting each other up, to becoming a collective force of change. We are not only shaping our own futures; we are molding the world into a place where every black girl can thrive as the queen she is meant to be.

We are THE ALONA LEOINE FOUNDATION, and we are here to show the world the unyielding power of sisterhood, resilience, and hope. Together, we can and will rise.”

Empowered Futures: Envisioning a World of Possibility

In the heart of our community, a new dawn rises for at-risk black female teenagers — a future where every young woman is greeted not by closed doors, but by open arms and endless horizons. THE ALONA LEOINE FOUNDATION is more than a community organization; it’s a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to a world where every girl possesses the tools, confidence, and opportunities to carve her destiny.

We envision a society that celebrates the unique strengths and potentials of black female youth. Our vision is to dismantle the barriers that limit dreams and replace them with ladders of success that every girl can climb. From the solid foundation of cultural heritage, acceptance, and education, we seek to build a vibrant future where our voices resonate in every field, from the arts to the sciences, from leadership to innovation.

Every initiative, every mentor, and every success story begins with the conviction that within each girl lies a universe of possibilities. Our vision is not just of transformed lives, but of a transformed world—one that is inclusive, justice-oriented, and flourishing with the contributions of strong, educated, and empowered black women.

THE ALONA LEOINE FOUNDATION is the seedbed of this new era. Together, we are the architects of hope, the nurturers of talent, and the guardians of a future where every black girl can look up and see her reflection in the stars of achievement and fulfillment.


— AlonaLeoine

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