Where Have You Been Alona Leoine?

So let’s just do some housekeeping real quick before I start posting as if I haven’t been gone for a moment. I have been sick on and off in December and it lasted straight into the New Year. I have been trying to fight it because I promised a 365-day post for 2024 especially after I lost alot of my content somehow back in October and November. I had to try and remember the posts I had up. It has taught me to keep blog posts as not only a backup but also in a google docs file.

So while I was healing and revamping, I was also having meetings with my different groups and also rehearsals for different functions/recitals while also being involved in supporting different community service events. It’s been a doozy…though guess who don’t really have any content from it? ME! I have NO IDEA why. I can only say that I was deeply into what I was doing and the purpose of it moreso than trying to document it all. Though get ready because the content is coming back!

Thank you to all of my supporters!!! Also…RIP to Nataja!!! #JusticeForNataja


— AlonaLeoine

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