Prom Prep : Tips On How To Look Great!

Prom season is an exciting time for us high school seniors as we prepare for this highly anticipated event of the year. To ensure a memorable experience, I told ya’ll to start your high school year off by setting a budget for your dress, shoes, accessories, and beauty appointments. Well now that alot of us are approaching 90 days before P-Day, it’s time to go over nine very important things right now!

Below is a comprehensive checklist to guide your preparations for this significant occasion:

The Dress Selection

  • Understand the dress code that is NOT allowed at your prom.
  • Create a prom dress vision board. Pinterest is an awesome place to start!
  • Look at some color swatches that will look good on your skin.
  • Carefully select a style (classic, glamorous, theme, etc.) that will boost your confidence.
  • Discover the fit that will enhance the beauty of your body size.
  • Set a budget for your dress to ensure it’s reasonably affordable.
  • Review all wardrobe issues and figure out what it takes to solve them before prom day.
  • Pick the best three dresses and do a mini photoshoot with your camera and determine the best.
  • Consider shopping for a dress no less than 90 days early to have a wide selection and allow time for alterations if needed.

Let’s Talk Hair

  • Let’s not focus on matching your hair color with your dress or intending to have your hair color stand out.
  • Based on your dress, create a vision board of hairstyles (updos, curls, braids, etc.) that goes well with it. Again…Pinterest.
  • If you are doing non-natural hair extensions (wig, track, clips, etc.) then make sure it looks are natural as possible.
  • Take into account what your face shape is. Some styles just don’t play well well you don’t pick something that complements you and makes you feel beautiful and confident.
  • Try the hairstyle you have selected atleast a week before prom. Gives you time to change your mind or recognize hairstyle issues so you can solve them before prom day.

Don’t Skip On Accessories

  • Sometimes…a nice hair accessory can go a long way. A classy clip, a flower, headband pieces, fascinators hat, etc.
  • No big purses ladies! Find a nice clutch purse OR you can have a small pocket within your dress to hold your ID, money/debit card, cellphone, and lip gloss. We not being the bag lady at our prom nor constantly asking someone to hold our stuff. Be respectful and courteous.
  • Clean your jewelry so that they are glistening, shining, and blinging. Feel free to have simplistic jewelry for dress style and it don’t have to be costly.
  • Make sure you have your shoes a week in advance so that you can randomly walk around the house in them. They need to be broken and practiced in so that you can perfect the look confidently.
  • Make sure that the jewelry you wear is something that is sensually connective and simplistic. It should’nt be big and bulky. Not the earrings, not the necklace, and not the bracelet. And guess what, a nice anklet would be cool, too!

Your Face Card, Nails, Lips and More.

  • 30 Days before prom, make sure you are taking the best care of your skin so that your face is a glowing and near flawless skin base whether you decide to wear makeup or not. If you’re wearing makeup, you want your face to have the least amount of blemishes/acne as possible.
  • Arrange appointments for any necessary beauty treatments such as makeup, nail care, and/or spa time.
  • Make sure you have good hygiene ladies. This should be an everyday thing though if you are still working on your hygiene then make sure you have it together by then. It would be good to have it intact as we all are entering adulthood.
  • You should seriously make sure you know what your makeup shade is about two weeks before your prom. There’s nothing worse than having the wrong shade on your face.
  • When it comes to things like eye shadow, make sure it’s something that makes your eyes pop. People neglect this part and either overdo it or underdo it. Last thing you should do is have something on your eyes that is more noticeable than your eyes because why do you want people to be drawn to your eyelid colors moreso than your eyes? It will not only take away from your eyes but everything else because it’s so bold and empowering. You want people to recognize your whole effort.
  • Let’s keep the lashes to a minimum ladies. No colors, nothing unnatural looking, nothing too thick and long. Test out your lash look atleast a week before.
  • Lip colors are important. Make sure you know which one makes you look enchanting and sometimes the lip color that looks good on you could merely be something natural to your own lip color. Don’t try to do something that empowers the lip and takes the rest of the power away from you. Again, you want people to recognize your whole effort.
  • I cannot express enough that there are just some nails you should not decide to have no matter what your dress selection is. It just isn’t the thing to do and that’s the sharp vampire nails, super long nails, highly junky nails, and the newly introduced duck nails. Don’t do it ladies. Select something that’s not going to take alot from your dress and overall look. You have taken the time to select the dress which probably wasn’t cheap so why would you take away from it with your nails?


  • Plan transportation logistics to ensure a seamless journey to and from the prom venue.
  • Make sure that the vehicle is clean both inside and out. Just because of photos that could catch it though also to make sure that the unclean car does not get anything on you.
  • If you can ride with someone else, save the money Sis! There is nothing wrong with carpooling with friends especially to save on the cost and it also gives time for you all to enjoy the journey on the way to the venue.
  • Always have a backup plan. I have seen and heard some stories from my older friends where transportation is running extremely late, where rented services either had an unprofessional driver or unclean limo, and/or had a flat prior to, or during, the transportation to the prom.
  • Prepare a compact emergency kit containing essentials like lipstick, safety pins, and blotting papers for any unforeseen mishaps.

The Sendoff

  • Coordinate plans with friends or your date to synchronize schedules and arrangements whether more than one person is having a sendoff or if everyone is just arriving at one spot.
  • If you’re the one having a sendoff then make sure that you have the majority of what you need done and ready 2 days before so that it can be easily sat out.
  • Make sure that your photo area is the best look for you because sometimes there will be photo backdrop designs done such as like balloons and yet behind you we can see the alley, the neighbor’s backyard with the kids toys, etc.
  • Preserve the memories of the night by arranging for a photographer or bringing a camera to capture the special moments.
  • Above all, remember to unwind, relish the festivities, and savor the enchanting experience that prom night offers.
  • If you’re planning on having a prom sendoff then you need to add money in the budget for decorations, food, etc.

— AlonaLeoine

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